APR and Pan Brothers Produce Eco Friendly Fabric Face Masks

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Jakarta, Indonesia – 14 May 2020:Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) is teaming up with multinational textile company PT Pan Brothers Tbk to produce reusable viscose fiber-based fabric face masks during the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic. These fabric face masks, which contain 35 per cent viscose fiber material, are also available for sale to the public throughout Indonesia. The collaboration is expected to yield about 100 million reusable viscose fabric face masks. As a company committed to implementing sustainable business principles, APR prioritizes partnerships with the right stakeholders in helping to support a more sustainable fashion industry.

PT Pan Brothers Tbk, operating from Tangerang in Banten, Indonesia, has been committed to sustainability in its operations since 1997, and shares the same vision as APR in the use of renewable eco-friendly materials in its production. The companies’ joint production of fabric face masks are in line with the Indonesian government’s advice for members of the public to use face masks in helping to fight and prevent the spread of Covid-19. “Following the latest guidelines from the WHO, the Indonesian government has urged people to wear face masks in any public area in helping to flatten the Covid-19 curve. This is why APR, as the country’s largest integrated viscose manufacturer, is partnering with PT Pan Brothers Tbk to produce high-quality viscose-based fabric face masks which can be washed and reused,” said Basrie Kamba, APR Director.

Besides being good for the environment, viscose-based fabric face masks are more comfortable to wear for daily activities.

“As conditions are uncertain, it is likely that the community’s need for a supply of face masks will only continue to increase. It is very important to pay attention to eco aspects in meeting these needs. We want to ensure that our fabric face mask products will not harm the environment,” said the Vice CEO of PT Pan Brothers Tbk, Anne Patricia Sutanto.

“Our business philosophy is to clothe the world with Indonesia’s heart. The production of viscose-based fabric face masks produced with APR in Indonesia features eco-friendly textile materials produced in Indonesia,” Anne added.

APR’s natural viscose fibre is biodegradable and made with cellulose sourced from renewable certified plantations, which are managed to international certification standards.

The collaboration between APR and PT Pan Brothers Tbk is an example of how businesses can work together, prioritize public health and play a part in combatting a global pandemic.

About PT Pan Brothers Tbk :
Pan Brothers and garment holding in Indonesia (PBRX) has factories (production facilities) in Tangerang, Bandung, Tasikmalaya, Boyolali, Sragen and Ungaran. PBRX are supported by strong skilled workforce and expert management team, with production capacity targeted to reach 130 million pcs of garments in 2021, established in 1980 and listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange since 1990.


About Asia Pacific Rayon:
Asia Pacific Rayon is the first fully integrated viscose rayon producer in Asia. The factory with 240,000 ton capacity, located in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau, uses the latest production technology to produce high-quality rayon to meet textile needs. APR is committed to become a leading viscose rayon producer that has the principles of sustainability, transparency and operational efficiency, serves the interests of the community and the country, and provides value to customers. APR is part of the RGE (Royal Golden Eagle) group of resource-based manufacturing companies. www.aprayon.com

Media contact:
Djarot Handoko
Head of Corporate Communications, Asia Pacific Rayon
Email: Djarot_Handoko@aprayon.com

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